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Obituary: K. Balachander

Popularly referred to in the Tamil film industry as ‘Iyakunar Sigaram,’ Balachander received the Dadasaheb Phalke award, the highest recognition for excellence in cinema in the country, in 2010. The veteran filmmaker has directed over 100 films and is revered for being a talent-spotter both among artistes and technicians.
The two greatest talents he has nurtured are Kamal Hassan and Rajinikanth, a fact that both the actors have repeatedly acknowledged over the years.


The journey

  • Also known as Iyakunar Sigaram, he entered the film industry as a scriptwriter.
  • He was also a producer, actor and play-writer.
  • He has directed over 100 films in various languages in his 45-year career span.
  • KB established himself as a director with Neer Kumizhi. The film won a National Award.
  • The director has introduced over 100 actors to the industry.
  • Superstar Rajinikanth was introduced by the Iyakunar Sigaram in his film Apoorva Ragangal.
  • KB also gave a break to Kamal Haasan and starred him as supporting actor in Arangetram, Aval Oru Thodarkathai and Naan Avan Illai.

He took Tamil cinema beyond hero-centric creations

The intro of an unkempt Rajini in Aboorva Ragangal would come to be talked about for years to come.
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A powerful portrayer of middle-class predicament in plays

The predicament in middle class values and their constant clash with modernity were so beautifully essayed in his plays
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Celebrities pay tributes to K. Balachander

Actors, leaders from various political parties paid tributes to the veteran film director "Iyakunar Sigaram" K. Balachander.
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End of an era: K. Balachander (1930-2014)

KB established himself as a director with Neer Kumizhi.
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Don't be hard- hearted
But learn to love
Does not matter , whom you do love
Only remember this :

When you love your near and dear
That si ignorance.
When you love objects of 
Enjoyment that is infatuation.
When you love the poor, 
And the needy, that is compassion.
When you love God
And the prophets that is devotion.
When you love the whole world as 
your family  that is  wisdom.

Swami Srikantananda....

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Those who say " I love"

Know not what love is 

Those who love out of fear

Can never love their near and dear

Those who love for selfish  gain

Must get only sorrow and pain 

Love that will never expect

In return gets love and respect.

Love that embraces one and all

Alone can hear the divine call

When it transcends the limited self

It gets lost in the Supreme Self.

Swami srikantananda....

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Talkking to a fool is gossip
talking t a Sadhu is satsang
Talking to a friend is chat
Talking to a boss is communication
Talking to a student is teaching
Talking  to a voter is canvassing
Talking to the depressed is  counselling
Talking to an enemy is anger
Talking to oneself is brooding
Talking to God is prayer
Talking to none is silence
And Silence is Yoga.

Sri kantananda....

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Microsoft launches new Outlook app for iOS, Android users

Taking Gmail and other email apps head on, Microsoft has launched a new Outlook app for iOS and Android devices.
The new app is basically a replacement for San Francisco-based email startup Acompli that was acquired by Microsoft for $200 million in December last year,New York Daily News reported.
Outlook will support Office 365, Exchange,, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, iCloud and other key email services.
The app will also help users manage calendar and fetch attachments within the same app.
Users will be able to attach files from Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or the user’s mailbox right from the app.
“Our mission is to bring the best mobile email experience across platforms, in a way that is as familiar and functional as Outlook itself,” Javier Soltero, Outlook general manager and former CEO of Acompli said in a statement.
The new Outlook app will be a similar experience to the Acompli.
Microsoft also announced that it is removing the “preview” tag from its Office for Android apps.

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Mathematics: Love it or hate it, you can’t escape it

We asked you to tell us why you like or dislike the subject and received a flood of responses!

I dropped mathematics after Class 10 and that, I think, has been one of the easiest decisions I’ve ever made. While I scored about 85 in most other subjects, I always managed only 60 in maths. The formulas continue to scare me even today and the thought of an upcoming maths class used to give me jitters. Now, I feel like an unpleasant journey has come to an end.
Harsh Gopal Daga
Class XI, Chennai Public School, Thirumazhisai
Maths has always been about problems, and I always had problems learning it. My mother was an arts teacher but she always had a fondness for maths, which unfortunately never passed on to me. Maths was nice to me in my primary classes, but then it decided to get serious with algebra and trignometry. Maths was also the one of the reasons I chose commerce stream rather than science. Still, it continues to pop up here and there. The bitter truth is that I hate maths but it loves me.
Shibin C. Baby
Class XII, St.Raphael's Cathedral School, Palakkad
I used to score well in mathematics, but once I failed with just 2 marks out of 25 when I was in grade VI and that is the end of the story. I started hating maths and that hatred eventually developed into a fear. I tried in vain to overcome that fear but now I am in grade 12 in PCB (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) stream and am doing well. I also would like to accept the fact that I was a bit lazy in practising maths at times as a result I used to score average marks which further damaged my confidence.
Sivani KMS
Class XII, Delhi Public School, Vijayawada
The thought of dealing with numbers for the rest of my life freaks me out. It’s a subject in which I have no confidence in. People say practice makes you perfect , but I don't think that applies to me in maths as how much ever I practice math it's not enough and I just go blank when I'm writing an exam related to math. I'm grateful that I had a choice of not choosing math.
From grade 1 to my grade 10 the only classes where I fell asleep were my math classes because I found them too boring and I would not understand the concept. My math grades were always low compared to the other subject grades because of which my hatred towards this subject increased. My math teachers always used to tell my parents that I was scared of math and obviously numbers. I agree. Every time before my math exam I would shiver. I used to like math before they started including the alphabets. I'm in the 11th grade now and I opted for C.E.C. (Commerce, Economics, Computer Science) because I did not want math to spoil my grades this year.
Rashi Toshniwal
How much ever hard I tried to get good marks in math, I never did. I decided to concentrate more on maths, even went for tuition etc. but it was of no use. As usual, I got less marks. Now I have understood that maths is not my forte.
V. Harshitha Preethi
Class XI, P.Obul Reddy Public School, Hyderabad.
Till class 10, maths was compulsory and we had to manage it somehow. I managed to do a little well and satisfy my parents. Still, I decided not to take math in eleventh because I knew I cant manage and didn't want to put myself in trouble.
Latha N.,
Class XI, AMS p Obul Reddy Public School, Hyderabad.
I never see how tough the problems are. I just take the problem as a challenge and find the solution. And when I find the solution I feel as if I am the happiest person in this world.
M. Shruthi
Class IX, Holy Angels Anglo Indian HSS, Chennai
Maths is the most easiest and high-scoring subject as it doesn't change according to the situation unlike English or any other languages. Maths also increases the horizon of thinking as there are many ways to answer the same problem.
Ishita Sanjay Hiremath
Class IX, Jindal Vidya Mandir, Bellary
Math always gives me extra energy to boost up and gives me lots of satisfaction in my studies. I want to become a mathematician or a charted accountant. It is the one and only subject with which any student can score full marks.
Madhurika Saraniyan
Class IX, Sunshine Chennai Senior Secondary School
Thanks to our teacher, Mrs. Beena, mathematics is the first priority for me. All my classmates think the same too. We can spend hours on mathematics without being bored! For us, mathematics is a battle. The first person who completes a chapter wins an assured reward and everyone in my class strives for that single prize.
Class X, Excel Central School, Thiruvattar.
In maths we don't learn 10-page long answers. Instead we only learn short formulae. In maths we need not mug up anything. We ourselves can derive the formulae.
Class VIII, R.S.K.Higher Secndary School, Trichy
I am very good at algebra and logic. I also suck at reading/writing so Without maths, I would have nothing!
Class X, Excel Central School, Thiruvattar
Each problem in mathematics looks like a challenge to face. I like to be in a situation where anything can go wrong and you have to analyse every step to get the right answer. It feels like a "level of achievement" when you get the answer of the problem correct. Mathematics is absolute, it's beyond doubts, and it's always right.
Varun Sujal Shah,
Class IX, GD MHSS, Coimbatore
Maths helps me to do calculations in other subjects. The other reason is a bit funny, it helps me count the number of words in the essays and opinions which I write and send.
Sidharth B. Pai
Class VIILoyola School, Trivandrum
I am a sceptic and I like to find practical logics and solution behind every problem. Also, I believe all mathematics problems have an answer to the question “Why so?” Maths also help us concentrate and think out of the box.
Akshat Jain
Class VII, Bluebells School International, New Delhi
I get an A1 grade because I love it. Sometimes people praise me when I apply maths outdoors; for example, when I go to a shop, I calculate the total bill without a calculator, before they calculate it. .
Vineel Pentrala
Class VII, Maharishi Vidya Mandir, Hyderabad.
I like maths only when I like the concept. Then I will be excited. The only thing that makes us weak in matha is the calculator. When I understand the properties I feel that I can do any sum in my mind.
J.Kailaash Jeevan
Class VII, Excel Central School
Most students dread the word math. Once or twice an occasional nutcase pops up who loves math. And all of us math loathers shun the math lover classifying that unfortunate kid a nerd. But then you use math everywhere. So then why do so many of us hate it? Well, the reason is simple. Basic math is easy. Then as we move up each class, we are bullied by algebra, geometry, odd formulas and lots more. And then we enter high school where the torture gets even worse. Here we are taught about factorising stupid polynomials, finding x, hunting for parallel lines, proving lots of stuff which some old bearded brainy maniac figured out aeons before we were born. In my opinion, math would be a lot more enjoyable if we were taught stuff in an interesting manner and laying emphasis on topics that we will require in our adult life.
Neha Maria Antony
Class IX, Toc-H Public School, Vytilla
Mathematics is known as the black beast of studies by the students. Though I also hate it, I score maximum marks in this subject. I sometimes wish to eliminate maths from the portion, but a second later I feel that my aggregate percentage will decrease.
Praveen Neshvi
Class VIII, Jindal Vidya Mandir, Bellary
Maths always went over my head. But as I've grown up now and become wiser I can now see mathematics as a wonderful and interesting subject. We can discover a new thing, a new law or a theorem, any moment, any time.
Oshin Upadhyaya
Class X, AECS-2, Anushaktinagar, Mumbai
Mathematics has always been a subject of frustration to me but lately since I have been practicing a lot of mathematics it appears to me as a subject of fascination! It's fun to solve all those problems. To me mathematics is the only subject that gives me a reason to hope that "every problem has a solution".
K. Subhashri
Class IX, Sindhi Model Senior Secondary School
Sometimes, I get stressed out when I have to spend hours on just one problem. Despite the stress and frustration (and loads of homework) that comes with every math course, I really and truly enjoy studying math.
A life lesson that I've learned from studying math is that it is perfectly okay to ask for help. Math is hard. Like, really hard. Sometimes, it's easy to get so caught up in how difficult the work is that you forget that there's always a way to get help. All the professors I've had are intent on helping the students as much as they can. Sometimes I my pride makes it hard to admit that I am struggling to understand a concept . But every time I've gone to ask for help it has paid off.
Raghav Agarwal
Class XI, P Obul Reddy Public School
Maths must be made more practical. For example, if we are learning about perimeter then we must be taken outside and maybe told to measure the perimeter of the school fence in teams to make it more fun. The paper version of math must be accompanied with a more practical one so that students understand the use of maths in real life better.
Class IX, Shemford school, Hosur.
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