Friday, 5 September 2014



I don't  care for praise or blame
I try my best
Without caring for gain.

I take it as a challenge
To serve my friends
I want them all to be 
Wonderful gems.

I prepare my notes
with lots of  pain
To give something new 
Is always  my aim.

I love my students
And  never use a care
No cheap talk
For personal fame.

I use my time 
To enlighern them
I put moral values
In tender brains.

I don't know why 
Students respect me well
I feel prould seeing them
Hearty  and hale.

Without a role model
Teaching is in vain
Only what I practise.
That's all I tell them.

I am proud to be called
A " torch bearer" " nation builder"
on my sincere efforts
depends India's future

I am greateful to God for 
Making me a teacher
A teacher is compared to 
Braham, Vishnu,Maheshwar.
 with Love

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