Sunday, 20 April 2014


How does water stored in mud pot remain cool?

Water store ina mud pot remins cool because of a  phenomenon called evaporative cooling.

Mud poets by their very nature include a umber of very minute pores through which water can slowly ooze out. In effect  these pores increase the surface area  of water and consequently increases  evaporation.   

For water to evaporate it requires some energy  which it takes as heat from the water itself.  This results in lowering the temperature of the water in the pot. Liquid water can turn into water vapour  in two ways- boiling and evaporation, Boiling takes place only at a particular temperature called boiling point, but evaporation takes place at all temperatures.  

 While for boiling heat is supplied from outside,  for  evaporation heat is taken from the water itself.

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It is  for the same reason,  we feel cool when a wind blows and takes  away the sweat from us.

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