Friday, 4 April 2014

Type of Gender

Type of Gender
Masculine gender = This applies to male animals and persons
For example: husband, fox

Feminine Gender = This applies to female animals and persons.
For example : wife, vixen

Common Gender
= This applies to both male and female animals and persons
For example : spouse, cattle

Neuter Gender
= This applies to inanimate objects
For example : television, car

More examples on Masculine Gender and Feminine Gender

A different word
Man - Woman
King - QUenn
Ram - Ewe
Stallion - mare

WIth ending -ess

actor - actoress
steward - stewardess
lion - lioness
leopard - leopardess

Compound Nouns

Son-in-law - daughter-in-law
he-goat - she-goat
landlord - landlady
bridegroom - bride


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