Friday, 4 April 2014



They are used to show how many things or how much of something is being spoken of.

a few cars
many people
a lot of sugar
some milk

Each/every, few , a few, several/many, a lot of, some/any, all/half, numerals: three/ twice

These are used with countable nouns

Little, a little, much, a lot of, some/any, all/half, numeral : three/twice

These are used with uncountable nouns

Quantifiers can be used

- as determiners
These are always followed by a noun and show the quantity or how much of a substance we are talking about.

For Examples
Some people go for jog every morning.

He put a little salt on his french fries.

- as pronouns
These stand on their own without any nouns.

For Examples
We only met a few of our ex-classmates at the reunion dinner

She had a full bowl of porridge but now there's only half left.


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